Cataloguing Orange’s Medical History

A small team of dedicated volunteers have been working over the past three years to document Bloomfield Hospital’s Medical History.  The volunteers have been photographing and cataloguing objects from the medical and mental health collections located across Orange Health Services Campus.

The project began in October 2013 and since its inception three and a half years ago over 1600 hours have been spent cataloging and photographing more than 2500 objects.

The project was initiated in partnership with Orange Health Service and Orange City Council under the Sustainable Collections Program, a State and Local Government funded project designed to assist community museums with the documentation and interpretation of their collections.

Collections need better documentation and management to sustain their value and significance into the future.

Orange City’s Council’s Cultural Heritage Community Committee chair, Cr Reg Kidd said ‘the collections are important community assets that reveal an interesting slice of Orange’s rich history.  This is a significant collection that tells the story of our past social and medical history’.  The Bloomfield Hospital served the local community for over 80 years as a place of respite, training and employment.

The volunteers will now be working to assist the WE Agland RSL MBE Memorial Museum in Anson Street, Orange to document the collections of WWI and WWII objects and memorabilia.

Pictured: Volunteers Judy Kilby, Alison Wu, Cliff Hall and Charlie Everett with objects from the collection.

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