Object call for Paddock to Plate

We’re looking for food and wine related objects, images and stories for a new exhibition Paddock to Plate: a history of food and wine in Orange and district planned for 2018

Orange Regional Museum is looking to borrow objects for our next exhibition Paddock to Plate: a history of food and wine in Orange and district.

In particular we are searching for objects relating to food and wine production, food traditions, and consumption, which tell stories about Orange and the region, its history, people and places.the

Objects do not have to be beautiful, old or valuable to merit a place in the exhibition.

What themes will be explored in the exhibition?

  • Indigenous food practices, early settler food practices and changing food practices due to migration
  • Development of agricultural and orcharding properties
  • Food production technology and machinery
  • Food packaging, retail and distribution
  • Restaurants, cafes and shops
  • Domestic food traditions and celebrations
  • Cultural and religious food traditions

What objects may be relevant to these themes?

  • Indigenous hunting, gathering and food preparation objects
  • Colonial farming and domestic food objects
  • Agricultural machinery, food production equipment
  • Fruit crates, bottles, tins and containers from local producers
  • Menus, signage, and equipment from restaurants, cafes and shops
  • Recipe books, domestic kitchen equipment, dinnerware
  • Photographs, documents, films, audio recordings, archival material and ephemera

Do you have an object/s that may be suitable?

Contact us: museum@orange.nsw.gov.au or 02 6393 8444

Guide to the Orange District, 1901, Orange Regional Museum Collection
Sunny Ridge Orchards Packing Label, 1950-70s, Orange Regional Museum Collection




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