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Object Search – Paddock to Plate: a history of food and wine in the Orange district

As a part of the development of Paddock to Plate: a history of food and wine in the Orange district Orange Regional Museum is asking locals to check their cupboards and sheds for objects and images that could be loaned to the museum for display.

This week the museum is looking for

  • Rabbit packing boxes
  • Treasured cooking items brought to Orange by migrants

More information on each of these items is listed below.

Please get in contact with the museum if you can help locate any of these items.
P: 02 6393 8444

Rabbit packing boxes

Rabbits were introduced to Australia after the arrival of the first fleet in 1788. Less than 100 years later they had become a ‘plague’ with hundreds of thousands of rabbits spread across the country. Rabbits were farmed for their fur which was used for some of the first Akubra hats and as a source of food. From the late 19th century rabbits were regarded as food for the poor – compared to meat sources such as lamb. During the 1950s a rabbit processing and package factory operated in Blayney. After the 1960s the popularity of rabbit meat declined.

To tell the story of rabbits as a food source Orange Regional Museum is looking for rabbit packing boxes like the ones you can see in the image. These boxes were used to pack and ship 24 skinned rabbits.

Image: Packing rabbits for export, 1945, image National Archive of Australia,

Treasured cooking objects brought to Orange by migrants

Orange has benefited from the influx of migrants bringing new cooking styles, foods and cultures. As a part of the Paddock to Plate exhibition the museum hopes to tell these stories through the experience of people and families.

The museum is looking for objects and stories from migrant families, whether recently arrived or third generation. Objects could include mum’s favourite cooking pot or recipe book that made the journey to Australia or a treasured table setting, utensils, apron or table cloth.

Image:Copper polenta pan: essential in many Italian households, and a cheese mould. Brought to Australia by Tarsilla Cunial

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