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Spring Update

If you haven’t been into museum since it opened almost a year ago, it’s worth putting on your to-do-list during the school holidays.  The current exhibition Journeys: people place stories explores the stories of our people and our place and aims to raise awareness of significant local collections housed in community museums of the nearby villages’. This theme is used to bring together Wiradjuri experiences of moving across the land according to the seasonal patterns and food sources; European exploration; the development of the area with the discovery of gold, European settlers and post-World War II migrants; and changing transport technologies.

A new photographic exhibition has been recently installed in the corridor adjacent to the museum foyer.  The exhibition consists of eight large scale photographs of historic Orange.  The photos were taken between 1872 to 1875 by Merlin and Bayliss who were commissioned by Bernard Holtermann.  The trio travelled around NSW and Victoria to create ‘Holtermann’s Great International Travelling Exposition’. Many of you may have seen some of the well-known images taken at Hill End during the early period of the Australian gold rush.  The collection of glass plate negatives, found some 80 years later and were donated to the State Library of NSW.  In 2011-2013 the negatives were cleaned and scanned.  The images portray early Orange at a time when roads were unsealed, surrounding hillsides were bear and many of the buildings have now been replaced as the city expanded beyond its original boundary.

A walking trail has been developed to coincide with the exhibition and illustrates the change over the past 120 years.

Image: View across what would become Robertson Park, 1870-75, Holtermann Collection, Mitchell Library, State Library New South Wales, ON 4 Box 14 No [30]

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