About Us

Thirteen years in the making Orange Regional Museum is more than just a building.

Orange Regional Museum will interpret the stories, cultures and places of the region, displaying artefacts that trigger memories, engage audiences and inspire new ways of thinking about history and cultures.

Orange Regional Museum will host temporary and permanent exhibitions on a variety of themes including, settlement of the region, mining, the built environment, agriculture, migration and significant events and individuals from the local area. The museum will continue to support and work with museums and historical societies across the region to ensure objects and sites of significance are cared for and available for public display.

Orange Regional Museum enhances the vibrant cultural precinct already established, with exciting spaces for exhibitions, innovative education and public programs, and collaborative interdisciplinary programs with the gallery, library and theatre.


Museum Staff

Alison Russell – Museum Manager and Heritage Co-ordinator
Allison Campbell – Collections Manager, Orange Regional Museum and Orange Regional Gallery
Jessica Dowdell – Public Programs and Education Officer

Contact Us: museum@orange.nsw.gov.au

Corporate Information

Orange Regional Museum is governed by Orange City Council and is a unit of Cultural, Community and Recreational Services.

Orange Regional Museum Heritage Collection Policy

ST131 – DRAFT – Strategic Policy – Orange Regional Museum Heritage Collection