As a community based organisation, Orange Regional Museum (ORM) aims to make its programs as accessible as possible by reducing costs. Through attaining sponsorship the museum can ensure that all members of the community can attend and engage with displays and programming.

Located centrally in a vibrant cultural precinct, Orange Regional Museum is able to offer community exposure to sponsors through advertising online, in print, via social media and during relevant programs. The museum has a diverse audience that exceeded 20,000 people between November 2016 – June 2017 with over 2500 attending events and school programs.

All submissions must align with Orange Regional Museums Strategic Sponsorship Policy which can be viewed here: http://www.orange.nsw.gov.au/client_images/1847599.pdf

Sponsorship Agreement

As a part of Orange Regional Museum’s sponsorship agreement, a sponsor will need to agree to the follow clauses relating to insurance:

  • Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that ORM does not maintain insurance covering the Sponsor’s property or liability for any Claim against the Sponsor or its staff, employees or subcontractors relating to its activities or property associated with the Sponsorship.
  • The Sponsor must hold and maintain during the term of the Agreement:
    • a public liability insurance policy for a sum of not less than $10 million per claim arising from any one Event in respect of accidental death of or accidental bodily injury to persons, or accidental damage to property, arising out of or in the course of the Sponsor’s activities at the Event; and
    • Workers’ compensation insurance policy in relation to any employees of the Sponsor.
  • The insurances must be effected with an insurer that is authorized and licensed to operate in Australia.

Local businesses are invited to contact the museum about future sponsorship opportunities. E: museum@orange.nsw.gov.au P: 02 6393 8444